Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Pictures in the Park

On Saturday we went down to La Cresenta park and my sister took pictures of us for our Christmas card (which is all done, printed and ready to be mailed!! GO ME!!!). We had a ton of fun and Caden was in a good mood and he had a blast just playing in the grass. We even put him in the swing and he swang there for about 15 min. and he loved it!!! It was alot of fun!! Here are some of my favorites :)


My Bullock Clan said...

Way too Cute, Melissa! You are too good, I haven't even thought about my what I'm going to do for my cards this year. All I have to say is I hope to get one of your cards in the mail! P.S. is Rachey for hire, she did an awesome job?!
Luv Cuz Di

Melissa said...

Yes of course you will get one :) and ask Rachel I am sure she will do it :)

ijmartin said...

hey! found your blog through facebook! :) super cute pics! he's getting so big!! i Love the swing photos!!
~julie martin