Thursday, October 23, 2008

Spider Man, Spider Man

So this year for Halloween Caden is going to be 2 things, cause well I can! On Sunday the preschool us having a Trunk or Treat and so my friend Katie let me borrow a costume since on Halloween is going to be a pirate and well he can't be the same thing twice. So he is going to be a spider and he is the cutest spider I have ever seen!!

2 comments: said...

that has to be the cutest spider I've ever seen!! it takes me back to when my boys were little and I got to dress them up. He is way toooo cute, especially the pictures from Lombardis, he's the cutest lil pumpkin ever!!
Luv ya, Cuz Di

Shawn said...

he is a spider :) His little rosy cheeks are tooooo adorable!!!